Thus ends a bad week...

Last weekend started a Run of Bad Luck, one I very much hope ends today.
  • Thing One and I went to the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival, moved from a field in Red Hook to the Dutchess County Fair Grounds. It was better in terms of access to the Festival, but once inside the crowds, lack of coordination, fewer quality wineries, incredible delays at Pick Up made our good mood disappear. Yes, I bought wine (and we got an incredible Pinot Gris that impressed Thing One, despite his "I Don't Drink White" attitude) but the atmosphere didn't lend itself to wanting to return next year.
  • Sunday was Brunch in Brooklyn, at the newly reopened Cafe on Clinton. For years (since '93), it was our "local", a place we could go for a great dinner or brunch; we even shared it with friends and family when they visited. No longer. The new owners have changed the menu (sometimes, if it ain't broke...) and the pricing and the quality of the service. Again, not impressed. Time was when you'd walk in and the second you were seated you were offered tea or coffee (or a drink, if it was dinner). Now, with not so many people in the place, we had to wait. The bread offered was mere crusts, rather than the sliced quarter-loaf we were used to. The waiter didn't offer any mimosa/bloody mary options, and we had to ask what was included with the Brunch Menu (answer: nothing except entree and tea/coffee, rather than the salad, entree, drink and tea/coffee from before). And making bacon a "side"? Hmpffff.
  • Work, and the rebuilding of the collections, has begun to heat up and I'm feeling like I need two of me (not clones, because they'd take too long to mature, but a nice Xerox wouldn't be bad). One of my team is essentially a dead weight, and dealing with that can take as much time as trying to move forward while providing a quality library program. More on this later, in my continuing series "Up from the Ashes."
  • Thursday was Rosh Hashanah and I took the opportunity to go get my semi-annual haircut. Ok, it's more of a trim than a cut. Problem is, the place I'd been going to for 10 years closed (something about the landlord wanting to increase the rent $3000/month! and there aren't so many people like me with long hair to support such a place). I'd e-mailed my stylist (for want of a better term) and she'd told me where she was, then told me she'd decided against going there... but a month later I was in need of a trim and she'd never told me where she ended up. So I went to another long hair salon, with an appointment with the other person from my original salon. 10am appointment? Take MetroNorth, hang out at B&N until 9:45, easy... Except she wasn't there. The attitude in the salon was not welcoming, it was almost grudging - "oh, well, if Agnes isn't here I suppose we'll start you with your treatment...". ICK! 2 hours later (while my hair was drying after a wash, masque and another wash) Agnes shows up. We chatted, but the lies she was telling about what had happened to my original cutter bothered me (sorry, but we were not close enough for me to have been invited to a wedding, and I'd have known about any May wedding from my April visit). I grossly undertipped and left for home, with a good trim but a bad mood.
  • The current weather changes have created a serious sinus headache, and the rest of the week (including news of the Patriots and Maclaren spy scandals) have left me in no mood to do any of my "homework" (checking invoices against packing slips and orders, creating new purchase orders, laundry, food shopping and cleaning).
So here I lie, in bed, with The Boys (Lulu left for Brooklyn on Saturday and is cozily enjoying the single cat life once more). Feeling sorry for myself? You bet. And hoping that when I wake tomorrow I'll be filled with vim and vigor and ready to tackle Mt. Workpile.


Aravis said...

I hope that this week goes a lot more smoothly! You've had a lot going on, so it's time that something goes your way.

Sherri said...

I've never heard of a salon that specializes in long hair. I usually just head to the local hair cuttery place and threaten the stylist of the moment with slow, agonizing death if he/she trims more than what I allow.

Although, I am contemplating just cutting it all off when we move. First, I want to see just how grey I've gotten without having the incredibly ugly 'roots' problem. Second, it would be symbolic for me, a 'starting all over' sort of thing. Last, I could donate the hair.

But I'll probably not do it, in part because I'm a coward and think I look stupid in short hair and in part because I've had hip length hair for so much of my life I'm not sure I'd know myself.

Marian said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Cafe on Clinton! When we were in Brooklyn (1996-1999) it was our favorite local joint too! I miss the salmon!