Putting it all in perspective

Two of my staff are having a difficult time with the whole "life after the fire" thing. I can understand part of it, but there's a part of me that says that it's not a tragedy (certainly not in the classical sense, and not even in the modern one).

Then, over at Post of the Week, I read about Suburban Hen's post. I'm feeling one of those gaps right now. Part of me dearly hopes that the other person's feeling the gap, too.

Fire I can deal with. Loss of a person? Not so much.


Anonymous said...

people are the worst thing to lose... I'm positive of that...you need to hold onto the ones you love as they are few and far between

Murphy Jacobs said...

Maybe it's just change in general that bothers your staffers. I've noticed that for some people, especially younger people, any change they do not generate themselves is a big, negative experience.

It's funny, as the stereotype is that older people react badly to change, but of those I've known, they are so accustomed to the idea that changes happen that they simply roll with it. Experience makes a difference, I guess.

Lazygal said...

Actually, one is the longest serving librarian (but not the oldest) and the other is the newest (and youngest).