Meeting Musings

Since the fire, I've had many people send condolences, as if there'd been a death in the family. In a way, there has been. Some of those notes/calls come with the statement that the person is "so glad that you're there to help us rebuild the library so that it's better than ever."

Part of me accepts this on face value, part of me wonders what they'd have said to my predecessor (I suspect the same thing). So there's a little lessening of the ego, rather than a boost.

And then there are those that go through both statements, and (during the course of the conversation) then learn that I'm not - as I apparently appear - in my early 30s, but in my mid 40s. There's a shocked "you're not that old" (or some such comment). And I start to wonder if the "pleasure" of my being the one to lead the rebuilding, the confidence in my has lessened. Perhaps they were so encouraging because I was a Young Turk, and now that it's clear that I'm not...

So, how does this tie into Meeting? As I'm sitting there, in the silence, I realize that it's not about me or them or the school. It's about somehow doing what's right and knowing that it's ok to make mistakes (mistakes anyone, any age could make) and that there is a Friend I can lean on when times get tough and friends I can call on for advice and ideas. To not be so arrogant as to think that I alone have the answers. To know that strength comes from being able to listen to the Silence and hear - or pick out - the best path.

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Aravis said...

There's a serenity which came with reading these words.