Guilty confession

Because my assistant and I are now on different floors, we've started to IM each other rather than use e-mail or the phone. I forgot that my IM starts when I log on, so yesterday when I was at work**, I was surprised to see a window open. It was a former student of mine, one I'd not heard from in a couple of years, and we chatted for a while and got caught up. One of the comments was about the show Gossip Girl - had I watched it (another former student has a starring role)? I said no, and was told to watch the pilot on the web. Last night, feeling rather headachey and tired, I did.

So here's the confession: GG is bad, in that 90210/OC way, and yet I think I'll be watching. And here I was, thinking that my tv schedule was going to to be far less than previous years because of all the cancellations! The thing is, I think all of us need something that's clearly "bad" for us, be it the occasional chocolate binge, buying impractical and expensive shoes, dining out for no reason, etc.. Lucky for me this won't hurt either my wallet or my waistline, just a few brain cells I probably don't really need anyway.

** multi-thousand dollar invoices wait for no weekend

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Sherri said...

My concession to junk food tv so far is Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. So far, no snarkiness, no cruelty, just rather happy little makeovers. It really hasn't been about 'fashion' as much as it's been about building self esteem by improving self image.