Book Buying

Thing Two's sister is writing a book and is now in the "thinking about marketing" phase. By "thinking about", I mean deciding about website presentation and blog linkage and MySpace and Facebook and all that.

One thought was that people like me could talk about and link to the book's site. Here's my query: among all my many readers, how many of you would actually do that? And then stick around that site to comment and link to it from your blogs? My guess is that the younger readers out there might, but that we old fogies won't. I'd also not go to the social networking sites to find out about books, but then that's because I don't go to those sites for anything.

And then there's blurbs. I hate 'em, and my students think they're bad because they're not an abstract (they want to know what the book is about, not read other people's quick take).

Any thoughts?


Sherri said...

I really hate blurbs, mostly because I know where they come from and how little they have to do with the actual book. I've trusted or been impressed with a book's blurb once that I can recall.

As for how I pick books, I get ideas about books from friends and from places like GoodReads, and from combing through synopses in catalogs and on Amazon.

I am finding the 'author blog' interesting. Reading the more casual writing of an author seems to give me good clues about what I'll think of the book.

Aravis said...

I like the blurbs, actually. I really hate when there's no synopsis of any sort, when it's just a photo of the author, or reviews which tell me what others think without ever giving me a clue what it's about. I find that annoying.