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In my attempt to declutter, I'm going to forgo long, detailed, thoughtful(?) posts about some things rattling around in Bloglines and EverNote. Here goes:
  • The Mayday Mystery. I tend to develop strange obsessions with oddities (Lord Lucan, for example), and this just plays into it. At some point, I hope to be able to poke around more at the wiki, but really, who am I kidding? I'll never be able to get the references, etc. that are part of the mystery. (รพ: Language Hat)

  • Doug asks "what's in your portfolio?" and, as I'm thinking about this, Nancy asks about my 58 second bio. So I'm wondering if there's a way to combine the two in a way that really makes sense.

  • No comment needed.

  • Several of my friends (including both Things) are into keeping up with Whats New in Music. So lucky I found this blog post, highlighting 6 Music,WXPN, NME, and Pitchfork. Given that I now commute 1.5 hours/day, new stuff is always welcome!

  • Getting back to my more political roots, I'm so glad I found out about the wonkosphere. Now I (and my students) can keep track of who's saying/doing what. Of course, Watchblog is still my favorite for "keeping things honest".

  • Speaking of politics, all too often today politics and religion mesh.
    Fundamentalism today is hard work. To literally believe everything in the bible and the early doctrines, you have to deny the reality you already believe in. You can't choose not to believe in your worldview: it's part of your everyday experience of life. It's just there, like air or water.
    Nancy's Apology says what I've been thinking; the bigger question is what can we, as a country, as a society, do?

  • Cam does a lot of meme-type posts, and one speaks about literary encores. The thing is, that's a very difficult question to answer. Of course, the obvious answer is "Dickens" (if only get him to finish Edwin Drood), but I'm going with Robertson Davies, who needs to finish the Toronto Trilogy.

  • Another Cam posting, this time about "nasty protagonists" got me thinking. Do I like House because Hugh Laurie is so good at playing the character? It's not because of the medical mystery (which we know can be fudged), and it's not because I'm loving the way Cuddy can't ever seem to dress appropriately for an administrator (much the same way Buffy never seemed to feel the need for sleeves). Possibly it's because the supporting cast is so good. I mean, none of them seem to be whole people - but add 'em all up (including House) and you get a really interesting person. In a weird way, it's like Herman's Head, isn't it?
That's all for now. More later...

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camillofan said...

Hubby and I LOVED "Herman's Head," and I think you're onto something with House's associates each representing a component of a person, rather than a whole person. Foreman is ambition, Cameron is emotion. Wilson might be House's conscience, though I know the series at least used to try to emphasize that, nasty though he was, House had integrity in spades. Chase?

House himself isn't a whole person, either; he's all intellect.