Travel Rant

Anyone out there flown on a 757-200? For 6-8 hours? Really, it's not a good experience. Even worse is flying Continental, trans-Atlantic.

"Do tell", I hear you ask. "How could trans-Atlantic travel ever be anything but wonderful?"

Let's start with check-in in Newark. The computer thing that you're supposed to use to swipe your passport didn't work. So after standing there for a while, we waited for help. The helper was so uninterested her job it was interesting: where were those idiotic questions about our luggage? Or does Continental figure that anyone going to Edinburgh isn't a threat?

The airplane itself is cramped, with some of the narrowest seats I've ever been in for a flight. Put it this way: if you're in the middle, the only way you can do anything (eat, read, write) is to pretend you're a T-Rex with short arms. On our flight back, when I lowered my tray it was clear that the fabric was pulling away from the frame of the seat (and this held true for about 1/3 of the seats in eyesight). Because we were flying for so long, we got fed. On the return trip we had a choice of beef lasagne and some chicken variation that no one had ever heard of - you guess which was actually chosen by the passengers. I felt bad for the people at the end of the cabin without a choice! Our snack/lunch included stale chips ("best buy" date of 8/2/2007 - we were flying on 14 August). On the flight over, Thing One's ginger ale was flat. And if you're offering free entertainment, provide headphones (I know it'd be too much to ask for real entertainment, but The Last Mimzy and Are We Done Yet just don't count! And, note to programmers: not everyone loves Raymond)

The security in Edinburgh was much better, but it did remind me to wonder: when they ask if your luggage has been in your possession since being packed, how truthful can many of us be? I mean, I packed at home... drove to work... worked for a few hours with my luggage locked in my car. Does that count as being in my possession? Should I declare that it's possible that someone opened my trunk and put something into my bag, or not? Luckily, with lax security, that dilemma didn't really arise.

Next post: the sights of Edinburgh.

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thing1 said...

hmmmm...forgot how in newark the Continental person at the gate just looked at the passport covers said "American" and let us go right in...nice to know that US passports aren't in the hands of any nasties.
have also sent mail to the airline and no reply and the tracking number can't be used on their website...can we all say "complaint black hole" together please.