Slowly catching up

Some time ago, Walt Crawford suggested that I simply mark all the blog posts in my reader "read" when I came back from vacation, and move on. HAH! We all know me well enough to know that wasn't going to work, didn't we?

Instead, I've been triaging the 1000+ posts from my 122 feeds (luckily, not all post in vast quantities). First I started with Blogs with New Posts < 5... < 10. By this morning, I've read all but one blog (Lifehacker, if you must know). I've also read all my e-lists, and gone through my mail (except for the last two Saturdays Globe and Mail).

If only I felt caught up... there's still Bill Paying and Cleaning to be done. Not to mention serious cuddling with The Gang, reading, blogging the backlog, etc..

A Lazy Life is never done...

1 comment:

waltc said...

I did? Amazing--because I've never done that. Catching up with the posts takes a while, but I can't imagine just wiping them out. Must have been an off day.