View from Mt. Bookpile

Over the past few weeks, I've entered all (I think) of the books on Mt. Bookpile in my Good Reads account: (also found in the sidebar)

So now you can go and be amazed at what I haven't read (yet), sneer at some of what I want to read, and generally talk amongst yourselves. Yes, that's 347 to be read books. Some were gifts, some are ARCs, some arrived last month and some arrived years ago... all patiently waiting for their turn in the Currently Reading pile.

Two things:
  • First, while I love my TRP friends, we've had a difficult time creating and sustaining discussion; Good Reads (I hope) will be a better site for that. Still, if you're a reader and you're looking for a like-minded group, come on and join us there!
  • Anyone got a great way to get through the list? I told Thing One that I needed about six months of just reading to make a serious dent (somehow, he didn't seem to want to contribute to that cause!). Since that's not likely, I'm thinking of culling for the quick, easy, read two (or more) in a day reads. Other suggestions greatly appreciated.

Finally, when you see my quarterly updates, you'll also be getting the number of books moving from Mt. Bookpile to The Collection as well as the number added to Mt. Bookpile. And friends, while I love getting new books, please: use your imagination and get me something else... at least until I'm under 200 on that "shelf"...


SwissToni said...

Oh heavens, I'm not sure I can help you on Mt. Bookpile (I call mine Mt. TBR, but I see we have a concept in common!). Mine builds up with the best of intentions, but good books keep slipping down the pecking order as I buy or am given other books to read that I get excited about and then read immediately.

It's a nice problem to have, I suppose.

I'm also trying to read "better" books. It's not that I read a whole lot of junk, I don't, it's just that there are so many good books out there that life's simply too short. I read "The Da Vinci Code" as I felt I should make up my own mind if it was worth the fuss. Once I'd read it, I knew there was no need to read any other Dan Brown when I haven't yet read "Don Quixote", or my collection of Angela Carter short stories, or the original fairy tales of the Brother's Grimm... and so on and so forth.

I do sympathise though, if that helps, and I'm always up for good book tips. My own list - some of it anyway - is linked off my page (to shelfari).

I'll also check out Good Reads too.


Sherri said...

I find I get through books faster if I just keep them with me. When I used to take long baths, that was excellent reading time. Waiting in line -- I read. I read through meals (if I'm alone). Yes, I even read during bathroom stops (it beats staring at the walls).

That's the one reason I love my Mobipocket reader on my phone and the elestronic books I've downloaded. Easy to sneak in a few paragraphs or a chapter without having to lug an actual book with me.

As for sorting books -- you have probably noticed I'm terrible at finishing books. I currently have three books on my nightstand that all lack a few chapters to be finished. I'm making it a point to read those chapters this week and move them from my Goodreads "Currently Reading" shelf to the "Read" shelf.

Oh, and I am enjoying having you at Goodreads, even if we don't agree on about half of what we have in common. Makes life more interesting.