Notes from Mt. Bookpile

Only 14 books! Can't even use the move as an excuse...

Children's/Young Adult
  • Lady Friday, Garth Nix Five keys down, two to go: will Arthur get to remain a human or not?
  • Puddlejumpers, Jean, Mark Jean So new, there's not even a mention of it on Amazon! Not a bad mix between Dave at Night and the changling-child who saves a world genre. Look for it in 2008.
  • A Spot of Bother, Mark Haddon Good follow-up to Curious Incident. Haddon knows how to make you feel that you're inside that person's head - first with autism, now with depression
  • Changing Places, David Lodge Definite period piece and somewhat distasteful to today's ears. Possibly better read during the Swinging Sixties
  • The Big Over Easy and The Fourth Bear, Jasper Fforde 'Nuff said.
  • Dust, Martha Grimes I've said it before: she's pulled the series out of a slump (mostly by avoiding the Long Pud characters)
  • Ghostwalk, Rebecca Stott Good blend of today/yesterday, with some interesting science thrown in. Plus, it's set in Cambridge. How wrong can you go?
  • Kept, D. J. Taylor A bit long and drawn out. More Jane Eyre meets Harlequin meets Dickens than anything else.
  • Past Perfect, Susan Isaacs My first Isaacs and probably my last.
  • The Various Haunts of Men, Susan Hill A series to keep a look out for; not for the cozy lover!

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