Late Night Reading

Those that know me know that I'm very much "early to bed, early to rise" (like, 8pm and 4:30am). Last night, though... I was reading a book and didn't want to sleep before I finished it. Now, there was a lonnnng phone call from Thing Two as I was racing to finish, so you'd think I'd have just put it aside for the night and gone to sleep. Nope. I stayed up until 10 finishing it.

What book? Sick Girl by Amy Silverstein. It's an autobiography of what it was like to have a "bad" heart and then a heart transplant at age 25, as well as surviving 17 years with the transplant. According to the blurb, they're comparing this to Girl, Interrupted but... I think it's not quite in the same class. For one thing, there won't be a movie out of it. For another, her fight is so difficult (and she's not afraid to make herself appear unlikable) that it'll hurt seeing it. My biggest problem was when my heart raced and I had to talk myself down from "I have what she had"-itis.

Definitely a pre-order for all ya'll.

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