Where I am...

I know it's been a while since I posted... in part, I've been scrambling to get to the finish line for the school year, and in part I've been just totally drained (and stressed). That big To Do list keeps getting extended and pushed back to the summer, while other tiny tasks come fill my days.

Yesterday was graduation, and I have to say I really don't like the tradition of having awards and recognitions and all that "you did best in ____" stuff. When I worked at a Quaker school, there was none of that - all the class was recognized as a class, not as individual achievers. Some people at MPOW feel that we should do more in the way of announcing to the world - and the person - how special they are and how much they've achieved. To me, this plays into that whole "everyone is special" and "everyone must win" attitude, rather than acknowledging that not everyone is, or can be. Much better to not shout about the Few, the Best, the Special and to say, "Hey, you all made it. Congratulations." It'd also make for a much shorter ceremony!

I'm also back to reading, something I haven't really done for a while. Don't know why I hit readers block, but I did. Very annoying, and disturbing (only two books in two months!). However, over the past two days I've read two books so I'm back on track. And yes, I'll be letting you in on the fun.

Now that the school year is over, I'm hoping to finally have an opportunity to get the house in shape and get those photos to the developers and then to post them. I know you can't wait to see the bookcases filled.

Finally, today I learned that one of my uncle's has prostate cancer. Needless to say, my heart is very heavy right now.


camillofan said...

I disagree about the awards thing-- IMO, the high achievers should be recognized as such. BUT I agree that a proliferation of meaningless awards, invented so that as many people as possible will get to be "best" at something, would not be desirable.

Graduation is hardly a group achievement (and, quite frankly, it's not that big of an achievement; look how many people manage it!). Those individuals who do well very academically often do so in spite of unsupportive peers who ridicule their nerdiness.

I've no doubt that, in two years, my oldest son will graduate somewhere in the middle of his class. He's one of the slackers who snickers behind his hand at the nerds, and I would like for him to see them have their day in the sun.

Sherri said...

I was listening to NPR this morning as they discussed the difficulties Babyboomer era employers were having with young, new employees who have grown up being praise for EVERYTHING they do -- one employer complained that she has to thank her employees for doing basic, expected things, like showing up...

I was one of those award winners in school and usually it make me a pariah among my peers, but they got through picking on me before summer started and I still have my medals!