Please don't ask

I'm using today (when I'm not at Meeting or watching the US Grand Prix) to catch up on paperwork and get organized before I head to ALA. One thing I'm very happy about is finding a good cat sitter - we've met (the sitter, The Boys and I) and it looks like this will be a good thing for those times I'm away more than a couple of days.

More than Paws has all sorts of papers to fill. On the "reach" information part, they ask for my cell phone number. This isn't unusual, but I still find it annoying. I don't give out that number to many people. Why? Because it's never on. It's part of my whole "it's ok to be unplugged" thing: I have a home phone, with answering machine, and a work phone, with voice mail. WHY do I also need to give you a cell phone number? I'll leave my hotel number, but honestly - if I'm out of town, or out of the country, an hour or two isn't going to make that much difference.

Our parents managed to raise us just fine without cell phones. Generations have lived quite happily without them. I only use mine at conferences (if I even remember to bring it) or when there's a possibility I won't meet/find someone easily. If you're not a conference buddy or I'm not meeting you somewhere odd - don't ask for my number.

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