Little old men

You know those noises old people make when they move, or settle into a new sitting position? Well, The Boys make those noises too. They also snore (not as loud as Lulu, but still respectably loud).

I only mind the snoring when it's right in my ear (Big Boy likes to sleep on my pillow), and those noises usually let me know that they're still around, possibly under the bed. But sometimes it's a little disconcerting.

One of these days I'll podcast them.


Sherri said...

At least three of my cats snore, Ophelia being the most obnoxious (and she's also the pillow sleeper). The dog I used to have was a champion snorer. She would wake me up with it, so I'd wake her up and make her roll over (somehow she'd get settled more or less on her back).

What's worse in our house (and on my pillow) is when Ophelia decides that 1:32 am is THE moment she simply MUST bathe. She has an extra long tongue and a very loud slurp. It's NOT the sound you want to have right next to your head as she goes to work on some particularlly itchy spot. It's downright disgusting.

Aravis said...

My furry ones make those little noises, and I love listening to them. It's so sweet! And when they get old and you know their time is near, it is also comforting.

There are some sounds I really miss hearing.