I'm heading to Boston today for a family gathering. Last time, I got directions and got a little lost trying to find the hotel. So I thought I'd try both MapQuest and GoogleMaps to see if I could get clearer directions (the ones on the hotel site are actually the best, so we'll try those).

ANYway, I'm a little perplexed. I know YMMV and all but... how does that work, exactly? What I mean is, if -- according to both GM and MQ -- I get on to the highway at the exact same point, and get off at the exact same point, does my mileage vary? According to Google, it's 52.5 miles from I90 to exit 18 and according to MapQuest it's only 49.22 miles.

I'm going with MapQuest.

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Aravis said...

Or you could simply watch out for signs for exit 18 once you near the 49 mile mark.

Hope you got there safely and with ease.