Finally: the photos

Living Room/Library: Looking towards the deck

Dining Room/Library: Looking towards the kitchen

Living/Dining/Library: Looking at hall/kitchen
(through that window in the wall)

Living Room
(the painting was done by Daddy)

So, there you have it. Well worth the wait, right?
(oh, and to answer the question I hear ticking in your minds,
no those are not all the books,
there are more downstairs, upstairs and in my lady's chamber)


TS said...

You look very settled and so do the boys.

Ros said...

Yipes...talk about books! Thanks for the photos.

JR said...

Fantastic! And so neatly organized and presumably catalogued. Nice job. And the boys are totally cute. When is the housewarming party?
nb: I was astonished to find that Huxley and CS Lewis both died
11/22/63.What an awful day. All those utopias ended at once..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, which give me an idea not only of your father's craftsmanship (and industry) but also of your house. B.

Aravis said...

This looks great! Although I see spaces on those shelves, just waiting for more books. :0)

You and your dad did a wonderful job.

Kimbooktu said...

That looks great! How about sending me one of those great pictures for the 'Your Home Library' project?