Who has time?

Doug asked "Are those who twitter technically twits?". It's a great question. A post over at AASLBlog drew a lot of comment from those who are twitter-pushers, mostly claiming that they don't really push twittering, they just heavily endorse it (and other 2.0 "tools").

There's a part of me that feels that I've been visiting this question for a while. You see, my parents don't twitter, but they do photograph. With the rise of easy-to-use cameras (as opposed to the 35mm Pentax my father gave me when he discovered good load-and-shoot and then digital cameras), it's no longer An Occasion that gets documented. It's everything. Lunch with friends? Take a photo - even if these are friends you lunch with weekly. Grandchild's first step? Take a photo - and make sure you get several of both left and right steps. Grandchild pointing adorably at some unknown object? Photo op! When traveling, make sure you take plenty of photos of you and/or your travel partner(s) in front of the Impressive National Monument/Scenery/Ruin because that's really what people want to see: that you were there, not the actual there part.

It's not living life, it's documenting it for future digestion. Ditto twittering. If you actually have a life, if you're busy living and doing and meeting and reading and so forth, you don't have time to twitter it. You don't have a need to twitter it. But if you need to Let People Know that You Have A Life, then you're twittering madly. This isn't to say that all photos are bad, or that all twitter posts are bad. But really - too much of anything isn't good.

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Aravis said...

You will almost never see me- and you'll never see my husband- in my photos; he's extremely camera shy. I like to capture the world around me for itself, rather than for memory's sake. I hate taking pictures at birthdays and holidays, though I'm usually the one assigned to do so. I do a good job and have a great camera. Still, I prefer the natural world to documentation.

I will take photos during vacations, but again you won't see us in the photos. You're right: I'm there to see the place, not myself in it. *G*

Photography, for me, is a chance to share a serendipitous moment, or a way to display an old thing in a new way. Sometimes, it makes me simply stop and actually see the world around me, rather than pass by it absentmindedly.

So I don't think I usually "twitter"- a term I'd never heard before. But if I do, I don't think I'll stop. :0)