Whetting your appetite

My father read the previous post and asked how I knew which photos he took (assuming I haven't seen the books and books of photos stacked in the living room). Still, here's one he took that I'm very happy about:

This is a view from the kitchen side of the living room, looking towards the deck side. Those things on the wall? Bookcases. The books on the right are the tail end of my Children's/Young Adult section, and the dining room table and a loveseat are also in view. That stepstool is needed because I'm actually too short for the bookcases!

Today I finished putting the books on the shelves (not totally in order, but good enough for right now) and photos will follow. Thing One and my father were right: I do feel more at home now that I'm surrounded by my books.


Karmon said...

Beautiful. Well-worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Now those are bookcases! Wow.

E said...

Can I just tell you how much I love your bookshelves! They are gorgeous. (I admit it, I am jealous.) :)

Aravis said...

It's nice to be able to take the books out and let them breathe again, isn't it?

This looks like such a cozy space, perfect for curling up with one of the books and a cup of tea, The Boys close by. :0)