Found on the bookshelves

Three duplicates. Don't know how two of them got there (the other I can easily imagine I just grabbed from a .25/each bin at the New York is Book Country sale).

Found thirteen other books I'm actually - sit down before continuing to read - giving away.

Did not find a book I know I own (it's in the catalog) and I swear Thing One decided I wouldn't miss.

As you can see, I have problems getting rid of books. Not this guy. Although I do think it's a little extreme, don't you? Maybe someone can help him find a better way to get rid of his stock?


camillofan said...

Gosh, I had a knee-jerk "upset" reaction at the book-burner! However, I have long thought that there should be some (environmentally acceptable!!) way to get rid of books that one doesn't want and knows will never find a home elsewhere (out-of-date textbooks, anyone?).

camillofan said...

Oh, and re. your duplicates-- anything I'd be interested in? ;-)

(P.S., I've started the diet-- ready to exchange woes, er, I mean, encouraging tips whenever you are.)

Sherri said...

Yeah, saw the burner story, too, and while there are some books in the world I feel should never have been put to paper, I'm not sure a bonfire is necessarily the smartest way to be rid of them. Heck, I have met up with artists who take stacks of old Reader's Digest Condensed Books, drill and glue them together, varnish them, and fit them with table tops (which I think is really their best, highest use) or make other things with them.