Feeling more like me with every passing box

25 boxes down... 25 to go. Of course, this doesn't include the new box of Children's/Young Adult that I brought from my parents' (when I say "new", I mean not previously shelved with The Collection: these are my old books from my childhood... can't find my Partridge Family book, though...).

Still not sure where I'm putting the non-fiction, the drama and the biography stuff, much less Mt. Bookpile. We'll see how things shake out.

However, I did feel more like myself when I opened one box and put my hands on a book that I'd just been discussing with some of my staff. Instead of having to say "when my books are out of storage", I'd said "in another week or so" and here we are, three days later and I have the book.

(intensely happy dance happening here!)

By the way, over on Done with Mirrors, Callimachus has posted a great
Shelf Analysis. Consider yourselves warned.

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|Alice said...

When you post the pictures, could you rotate them first, so that WE don't have to turn our heads to read the titles?