Found on the bookshelves

Three duplicates. Don't know how two of them got there (the other I can easily imagine I just grabbed from a .25/each bin at the New York is Book Country sale).

Found thirteen other books I'm actually - sit down before continuing to read - giving away.

Did not find a book I know I own (it's in the catalog) and I swear Thing One decided I wouldn't miss.

As you can see, I have problems getting rid of books. Not this guy. Although I do think it's a little extreme, don't you? Maybe someone can help him find a better way to get rid of his stock?


Mum no more!

I've started to see posts about Titan's Curse, the third in the Percy Jackson series. YAY!

I read it as an ARC and had students pleading - really! pleading - to borrow my copy. Then... miracle of miracles... we got copies for the Book Fair. Before official release date. It was the first time in Fair history that students were coming in before the opening hoping to reserve a copy! We sold every copy they sent us.

The verdict: the kids love(d) it. As did I. And if you're not reading this series, well... get a copy and start reading now.


Notable Quotes

Every life should have nine cats
(coffee mug from ournameismud.com)