Toro (no bull)

Like many (most? all?) good American Jews, I was raised with an appreciation for Chinese food. Particularly on Christmas. Which would you rather have: wonton soup and a pu pu platter, or ham? Easy choice.

Anyway, whenever I've moved, one of the first questions my father asks is about a good Chinese restaurant. Can't blame him: SmallCity USA doesn't have one. There used to be an ok take-out, but that closed decades ago. Imagine our pleasure when the NYTimes reviewed Toro. Thing One is here for the weekend and we just had to investigate.

It was amazing. The moo shu is made into packages right there at your table (no mussing and fussing with the pancakes and the stuffing and the plum sauce and making one huge mess that falls apart in your hands) and had some of the freshest ingredients I'd ever had in a moo shu ... the spicy beef with scallions and onions was a taste explosion that I've never had before from this dish (pity my mother won't try it, but my father will love it). The scallion pancakes were hot and "just right."

My biggest complaint is that I couldn't eat more. The portions were sized perfectly, and by the end of the meal I needed to be rolled out to my car but your mouth was saying "feed me - I really liked that!". Lesson learned: small breakfast and lunch, then head for dinner!

Can't wait to go back.

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