Something to the hype?

I've never really bought into the whole "Friday the 13th" thing, but after today...
  • Thing One got a phone call from work at 4:15am that essentially told him that the caller was cranky about having had to call - but the problem was a programming one and Thing One couldn't really do anything about it
  • The Wall Street Journal was not available at Grand Central by 5:35am
  • The Journal-News delivered 50 extra copies to MPOW, after being expressly told not to by three different people
  • This morning's coffee was replaced by a warm, dark brown liquid
  • Our group subscription to the NYTimes was delayed
  • The Study Hall book went missing (this is an attendance book used by the study hall proctors; study hall takes place in the library)
  • We're having a major Special Event and the parking situation is, well, not being handled well.
So, it's only 9:47. What more can go wrong?

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