And while we're on the topic...

Today is the first Sunday in April. Some people are celebrating Palm Sunday. Others, April Fools. But if you're a computer geek you're worried about Y2K3.0.

1.0 was the original "oh my god every computer system in the world is going to crash" scare.

2.0 happened three weeks ago, when (thanks to an Act of Congress) Daylight Savings Time was observed. Newer computers knew to schedule the change at the new date, but older ones required patches, etc.. Most of us didn't care, but if you're in finance (where deals are timestamped), it's important.

3.0 is happening today. Why? Because all those old computers supposedly "fixed" by the Y2K2.0 patch might skip ahead an hour... again.

Thing One has to go in to work today, just in case 3.0 rears its ugly head.

My feeling? It's all an elaborate joke. On Thing One.

April #(*&$# Fools

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