Sort-of meme

A number of people have been linking to "five non-library/non-book" blogs that they read (sort of similar to Sherri's "Blog it Forward" meme). So, if you're interested in something a little different:
  1. Ken Jennings. Yes, there's trivia involved, but it's the commentary that keeps you coming back for more. We may not share much, but we do share a sense of humor!
  2. Banterist. If nothing else strikes your fancy, his Grammar Cop posts are brilliant.
  3. Separated by a Common Language. All things AmE and BrE, with some Canadian and South African thrown in.
  4. A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago. Pop culture.
  5. Savage Chickens. 'nuff said.
There are more, of course, but that's a smattering of my daily reading. Most, obviously, are book and/or library related. I'm of the belief that a steady diet of Just That would be... boring. Maybe, sometime, I'll list more. Till then, have a look at these and enjoy!

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