Moving In

Last Tuesday was moving day. I've already written about the amount of stuff that I moved: let's just say that, with the addition of one bed, I've basically filled a 1250sq ft. townhouse with stuff that was crammed into 500sq ft.. And, with the exception of the 50 boxes of books in the basement, it's all ready and waiting and you'd never guess how I managed! It's the incredible expanding house, ladies and gentlemen.

Of course, the biggest hurdle on Moving Day was What do we do about The Boys???. It's a real issue, moving cats. It's like herding them, but in cages. You see, by Monday night they'd guessed something was afoot. They're not stupid animals: upended couches and tons of boxes may have been a major clue. The addition of more boxes and Mommy's bed being taken apart might have been another clue Tuesday morning. So they were hiding, but too scared to run when we tried to grab them.

The movers arrived - we stuffed The Boys into their cages and prayed they'd get "home" soon. After about 2 hours in their cages, we let them out into the laundry room (no one but us would go in, so it'd be safe). My Big Boy immediately squeezed into Little Guy's cage (no idea how they managed to both fit in!) and stayed there for about five minutes. Then he hid just where the basement stairs meet the floor. It wasn't until that night that they both came out (we carried LG's cage up to my bedroom, with the door open and him cowering inside).

It wasn't until this morning that they both came downstairs for breakfast. It'll be slow, but they'll make it.

On another, brighter note:

I've done five loads of laundry (at least two more to go), and three loads of dishes (another one to go). After years of having to drop off/pick up my laundry, it's such a pleasure to be able to do my own. I can ensure that the temps are correct, that there's attention paid to my delicates, etc. Bliss! And, given the tepid temperature of the water in My Old Place, I'm thrilled to think that my dishes and silver are cleaned.

This will probably be the last of my moving posts. It's almost all over, until The Collection is decanted onto the bookcases my father is building for me (they'll hold about 4/5 of what I have, which - coupled with the four I have now - will have to do for a while). I do promise pictures when that happens.

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled blog.

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Aravis said...

Those poor Boys! But you're right, they'll adjust and then how much happier they'll be with the extra space! I'm just so excited for you, and am looking forward to pictures. :0)