More Thanks

Of course, it wasn't just Thing One - there were others.

MG is a student at MPOW. She worked for me last summer and is always looking for additional ways to make money so... she came for a day's painting. MD, a friend, has been doing an incredible job - also with painting. For example, she primed the Living/Dining/Library space, and completed the downstairs hall. She also helped on Moving Day (more later).

Thing Two came this past weekend and set up wifi. Since he's got a minivan, I took advantage and bought shelving for my closet and other things too small to fit into my tiny trunk. We also tried out a nearby sushi place (so-so food, but, as he said, "a good back-up") and two diners.

Things are no where near done - the punchlist is quite long - but it's a start. By Friday I'll just have a house that looks like I'm a slob; by Sunday I'll have finished the painting and (with luck) just have a place that looks slightly untidy.

As far as I know, Thing One and MD will be there. Possibly Thing Two and HU. With friends like these, how could it go wrong?

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