Consuming Media

Nancy posted this meme, and it's given me pause. Partly because I'm in Move Mode and rethinking a lot about how I live my life, and partly because it's always interesting to reflect on that which we do in an almost autonomic fashion. So here is my response... take it for what it's worth and reflect on your consumption.

Because so much of my job is web-driven (from our on-line catalog to databases to reference help), I feel like I spend too much time in front of a computer when at work. My goal is to cut back on that while at home, to spend more time doing other things that matter.
  • Thing Two turned me on to Firefox and he's not wrong on this; unfortunately, there are sites I use/work with that still require IE, so that's not totally out of my life.
  • My e-mail client of preference is Eudora, which allows me to download my Gmail. At MPOW, however, we use Outlook
  • Unlike many of my SL2.0 friends, I haven't really gotten into the portable bookmark thing; I have one set at home for personal stuff and one set on my work laptop for professional stuff. Sometimes the twain meet, but rarely.
  • Bloglines. Not Google Reader. Why? I'm Google-leary (they really are taking over our desktops), and not just a little lazy.
Those are the biggies. There are, of course, many little programs and tweaks, but I've either added them to the Links Galore posts or don't think you'll need to know about them.

Only when I'm starting my commute (to get the traffic reports). Otherwise, not.

I don't really watch that much. Having said that, you should know that much of what I watch is crap. Really.

I've been using Netflix and hope to start watching again (the Move has interrupted things a bit). My problem with theatres is well-known.

My preference for most people is e-mail (less stress), but I do enjoy a good chat on the phone. Just don't expect me to have my cell phone on, please! And then, of course, there's my pen-and-paper addiction.

You don't want to know. Really.

I get Real Simple, Vanity Fair and the Atlantic Monthly for pleasure; for work I get Booklist and SLJ and TMC and TL and KQ and a bunch of others (not all have acronymed titles, but most!). I've also been known to get a really trashy magazine when I'm traveling.

The weekend NYTimes. Which, unfortunately, is becoming less and less of a Must Read.

God. The range! It's all about what strikes my fancy - Cajun, French, Jazz, Rock, whatever. I don't listen to it much beyond traveling (in my car, on a bus, etc.), but it does help while away the miles. And, of course, there's nothing like a good beat to help you get through cleaning a house!

There you have it. Talk amongst yourselves, think, ponder and drop me a note about where you are with your media consumption.

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