Big HUGE Life Change

Well, after all the upheaval of last year, you'd think I'd settle down for a while and catch my breath, right?


Yesterday I signed and initialed papers for 90 minutes and now - tada! - I'm in debt almost a third of a million dollars. Of course, this is "good" debt, the kind that also comes with a two bedroom, two and a half bath, full basement, deck and fireplace asset. But still... it's debt and I'm kind of on overwhelm right now. There's cleaning and packing and moving to be done. Not to mention that I have a ton to do at MPOW and KQ. So there's little time for reading or blogging. But I'll be back, never fear.

Here's a funny thought to tide you over until my next post:

As I was driving to the lawyer's office, there was a tiny green Miata convertable in front of me. On it was a vanity plate: MOYEL. I couldn't help wondering if, when you pulled the roof back, it became an SUV.


Aravis said...

That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. Now comes the fun of moving, though at least this time it will be into a home of your very own. You'll never have to part with any of your collection again and the Boys can curl up in front of the fire in the winter. So can you for that matter. *G*

I'm so excited for you!

zocalo24 said...

congratulations on your transition to property owner. its quite a thrill.
Best of luck; now the fun begins...

Sherri said...

Wee! Endless new space for bookshelves! (well, for the first year or so) :) Congratulations.