Sometimes, my life works

At MPOW, we're looking for a new Book Fair vendor. There's one that we really like, and on Monday we (by we I mean me and the Parents Association committee in charge of the Book Fair) went to the warehouse to see this vendor's operation. Do you know how hard it is to be that close to all those books?!

When we interviewed this vendor, one of the topics was the New Books issue: books that were soon to be published, that were sure to be hits with students. One book in particular came up: Titan's Curse, the third in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I've talked about these books before. The thing is, it's a very popular series at school... but this book won't actually be on the shelves until just after the Fair. This vendor thinks they can help (we're talking about a book we can easily sell 100 copies of - without it being required reading!).

When I was in Seattle, getting another load of Advance Readers Copies, this was one book I kept my beady eyes open for - no luck. Monday? The vendor had an ARC just for me! So, of course, I read it immediately.

I think it's back to the pace and style of Book One (The Lightning Thief). I, and others, thought that Book Two (Sea of Monsters) was just a little off: pacing? plot? something wasn't "quite right." Don't get me wrong, unlike other series where the quality has dropped between books, this wasn't a UGH-will-never-read-another issue, just a wonder-why issue.

So, this one? Percy and Thalia and Grover and Annabeth meet up at a boarding school in Maine. There, they meet Bianca and Nico di Angelo - two more half-bloods, but who's Daddy? (or Mommy?). After fighting a manticore, and Annabeth's disappearance, they meet up with Artemis and her Hunt. Then it's off to Camp, and a game of Capture the Flag, which ends in the Oracle's uttering a prophecy - Quest Time! I won't give more away, but I loved Bessie and Apollo (aka "Fred").

Of course, all sort of ends well. There is the obligatory cliffhanger ending, and I'm already waiting for Book Four to be announced!

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