Not sharing

Many of my friends and comrades-in-books are listing their collections on Library Thing. I've looked at at and... not impressed. Even the "books you might like"/"books you'll hate" feature doesn't do it for me. Neither does knowing how many people have "my" book.

Recently, I learned about Good Reads. Again... not impressed.

It's not that I don't catalog my books (I do: check out collectorz.com's program). It's not that I don't talk about/share what I'm reading (I do). It's just that these programs seem to duplicate what I've already got without adding anything more than a social networking aspect. Which I don't need. It's also difficult to export all of what I've got easily - do you really expect me to spend all that time duplicating what I've done? I do have a life, you know (and yes, it includes reading). If (when?) the ease of export is matched with some great feature I don't already have, I might share. Until then...

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