Year End Update

I've only got 4072 more books to read in this lifetime (if we accept that I started 2006 with 4204 left) . So, what did I do with the books I've read this past year? Well, first, for lists, go here, here, here and here.

Second, here's the analysis (2005 numbers in parens):

number of books read in 2006: 132 (196)
best month: August/26 books
worst month: January/none
average read per month: 11 (16.3)
adult fiction as percentage of total: 19 (14)
children's/YA fiction as percentage of total: 33 (40)
mystery as percentage of total: 25 (12)
books read that were published in 2006: 75

I've already started the First Book of 2007: Old Saxon Blood (Leonard Tourney)

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