What's going on

I'm in the middle of yet another Major Life Change - more on that when it actually happens (along with pictures). And, of course, I'm totally over-stressing about it. Now, it's not like I don't have other things to do. Like what, you ask?
  • edit an issue of KQ
  • clean the cottage
  • get ready for ALA Midwinter
  • write several overdue letters/e-mails
  • write several blog posts for AASLBlog
  • go to the dry cleaners, do laundry, get to the post office, buy cat food, etc.
I'm also not supposed to be terribly far from reach by phone (landline or cell - doesn't matter). But today I'm in a 4-5 hour meeting at MPOW regarding the upcoming Book Fair and tomorrow I'm proctoring two midterms. That's good, because I can't fret overly much about things while I'm focused on Work.

It's even better because I can get through a lot of book review while proctoring: read a review... stare at students... read a review... walk around the room... read a review... stare at students. Repeat as necessary.

Nice, easy, hypnotic. Just what I need right now.

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