Want this so bad it hurts

I knew there was a new Mallory mystery out. Then I got this in my e-mail:
Nothing makes for a happier new year than a new Mallory chronicle from Carol O'Connell!
Ms. O'Connell will be reading and signing Find Me on Tuesday the 16th of January at 7 PM, in which our favorite sociopath takes to the road to catch a killer along historic Route 66. This is the 9th outing for Mallory, whose debut in Mallory's Oracle immediately captivated us, as well as discerning readers across the entire spectrum of crime fiction afficionados. Adopted as a feral street kid by a kindly NYPD detective, Mallory grew up in the company of cops and joined the force, her icy beauty and fierce loyalty exceeded only by her unorthodox methods (think bad guys - it takes one to know one) and technology skills (think hacker and pirate). Magic and stage magicians also figure prominently in the Mallory stories, where dark secrets are often captured in haunting imagery. So, if you haven't encountered Kathy Mallory and her enigmatic creator, come to the shop on Tuesday night -- you're in for a real treat! And if you think Darkly Dreaming Dexter broke the mold, come meet the author who made it in the first place.
Only I can't get to NYC to get to the signing. I tell you - it hurts!

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stj said...

well....maybe someone will be nice and get it for you....