Notes from Mt. Bookpile

36 books... not too shabby (not as good as last quarter's 55, though)

Children's/Young Adult
  • The Beatrice Letters Lemony Snicket Interesting addition to the "Series", but only for completists
  • Bread and Roses, Too Katherine Paterson Nice historical fiction (the Lawrence MA mill strikes) and one of our Newbury hopefuls
  • The End Lemony Snicket Am I the only one that got tired of this series?
  • Goy Crazy Melissa Schorr Cute and I'm sure the target group will like it as much as You are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah
  • I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You Ally Carter If you liked Buffy/Alias...
  • The Last Dragon Silvana De Mari Not in the Eragon mold - which is a good thing - but more about overcoming fear and helping others to make the world better (which sounds way soppier than the book is)
  • Leonardo's Shadow Christopher Grey One of two I read about The Last Supper, only this one worked for me; good historical fiction
  • The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus L.Frank Baum From the creator of Oz
  • The Lost Colony Eoin Colfer Artemis... Holly... what more do I need to say?
  • Sky Island L.Frank Baum If you need to know more about Button Bright, Trot and Cap'n Bill
  • The Taker Julia Steele Love, intrigue and the SATs. The perfect YA story!

  • Fragile Things Neil Gaiman A collection of short stories. Some seemed to stop just as they were getting going, but other than that I liked it.
  • The Looking Glass Wars Frank Beddor An alternate to Alice, and not a bad twist on the story
  • Second Wave Anne Mccaffrey and Elizabeth A. Scarborough Cluttered, incoherent: couldn't even get past page 50!

  • Gilead Marilynne Robinson Two of my favorite readers didn't like it (I suspect it was the overt faith that shone through that they didn't feel comfortable with) but I did.
  • Intuition Allegra Goodman Who doesn't like a nice story of academic research gone bad?
  • The Meaning of Night Michael Cox Much better historical fiction than the hype would lead one to believe; ignore the "Dickensian" and enjoy!
  • Mislaid Magic Joyce Windsor A period piece (inter-war Britian) that has a certain charm but isn't for everyone
  • The Secret Supper Javier Sierra Oh god. Enough with Leonardo, enough with conspiracies... please!
  • The Yacoubian Building Alaa Al-Aswany One of those multi-stranded, many charactered books, set in modern-day Cairo. Well worth the read.

  • A Cold Day in Paradise Steve Hamilton A new (to me) author, a bit dark, but a definite "read more of".
  • Bartholomew Fair Murders Leonard D. Tourney Set in Elizabethan England, and I'm not sure how I feel about the series... yet.
  • Blind Side, Latter End and Outrageous Fortune Patricia Wentworth I wouldn't say no to reading another, but I'm not going out of my way to find them
  • The Minotaur, Barbara Vine Enough said.
  • Morning after Death Nicholas Blake A bit heavily worded in spots, but otherwise fun.
  • One Good Turn Kate Atkinson Another in the Jackson Brodie series... and, again, I figured out the twist before it came. Still, well-written and fun.
  • One Last Breath Stephen Booth If you don't like dark, you won't like the Fry/Cooper series but if you do and you haven't discovered them yet - go for it!
  • The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield. Even though this is mildly derivative, I liked it enough to recommend to others.
  • What Came Before He Shot Her Elizabeth George. Almost a non-mystery (if you read With No One as Witness) but it might save the Lynley/Havers series; I know I want to see what happens next


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Aravis said...

The Looking Glass Wars is actually next on my TBR pile, so I was glad to read your opinion of it. :0)