Made it to Seattle

If you have a mileage/points program: coast-to-coast (or further) flying is definitely the time to reap the rewards. I just flew First Class (on an unnamed airline since I hate their terminal in JFK) and - wow - what a difference. It wasn't just the endless supply of water/beverages, or the free movie, or even the full dinner. It was the room. My arthritic back and I really loved not being so cramped for those eight hours! Even better, the flight got in One Hour Early. Totally because I flew First Class.

Those that know me well know that I have this invisible sign over my head that follows me around (or maybe it's just a global alert system). This sign says, "I love trainees!". So whenever there's a trainee, I get 'em. Newbie waitresses (often first shift), new bank tellers (when I have something complicated to do), new salespeople... if you're new at your job and I'm in your space, we'll meet. I promise. So when Tim, my wonderfully Zen-talking, musician-wanna-be, tour-guide driver met me at Sea-Tac airport, I should have been prepared. Hah! Didn't think about newbie towncar drivers. Bet I get another newbie on my way out. Anyone like the odds on a newbie chambermaid?

Of course, it was a downer when I discovered that I really was the Stupidest Human Ever. But we knew that already.

The hotel is very nice. The king sized bed is a bit much for just one person, but I like the way they've set it into the corner (there's a custom-built headboard/lighting/shelf thing behind it). If only I had a camera to take a picture with for my father...

One thing that's been puzzling me over the past few weeks: who decided it was a good idea to let a bunch of Type A librarians loose in a city known for wifi and caffeine? Check out all the goings-on here, here and here.


bri said...

Sounds so fun. I love Seattle. And too funny about the trainee thing - I actually didn't know that about you.

Lazygal said...

Yeah. Trainee Quakers are the worst - they keep so quiet about things! ; )