What I got...

I'm so lucky this year! My gifts are nearly perfect. So, what'd I get?

Not a bad haul... and no real strain on Mt. Bookpile. So, what'd you get?

ETA: Wooden cooking utensils - how could I forget?!


camillofan said...

I want your friends! ;-)

Aravis said...

Funny, I was just recommending Truly, Madly, Deeply to one of my aunts yesterday. Such a great movie! And yes, a young Alan Rickman says it all. *G* Great gifts!

I got gift certificates to Home Depot, Pier 1 and Barnes & Noble. I also received art supplies, a painting by my sister and a photograph by my brother, candles, earrings, ornaments and edible goodies. I already mentioned the concert tickets Randy bought me on my blog. I was pretty lucky this Christmas, too!

Regarding your immunization records, one of the schools you attended in the past may still have a copy. It's worth checking into if you really want to find them.

Sherri said...

I had a restrained bookload this Christmas -- only 4, which is low for me. Several CDs, though -- Voice of the Violin by Joshua Bell, the soundtracks to The Chorus and The A&E Pride and Prejudice, and a Richard Searles CD (like anyone knows who he is, but I like 'em).

I also got clothing I won't wear from one of the Husband's aunts who doesn't get that I won't wear this stuff so don't BUY it. It's a fabric thing - much stuff makes me itch and she always picks it.

And I go LEGOS! Even the Bogart biography has to race to keep up with LEGOS.