It's Broke. Let's fix it.

Peter R. Kann writes about ten trends in the mass media that ought to bother us:
  • The blurring of the lines between journalism and entertainment
  • The blurring of lines between news and opinion
  • The blending of news and advertising, sponsorships or other commercial relationships
  • The problems and pitfalls inherent in pack journalism
  • The issue of conflict and context
  • The exaggerated tendency toward pessimism
  • The growing media fascination with the bizarre, the perverse and the pathological--John Mark Karr journalism
  • Social orthodoxy, or political correctness
  • The media's short attention span
  • The matter of power
We often hear that today's students do not read newspapers, do not watch "real" news - is it any wonder? How can we have an informed citizenry when the above problems exist and are getting worse? I have a difficult enough time trying to teach my students about bias on websites and in the media - let's fix this. Our country deserves better. So do future generations.

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Aravis said...

This cuts right to the heart of my distrust of the media. I couldn't have said it better myself. Bravo!