Dave highlighted the 10 Events of the Edublog Year and then Joyce commented (in italics)
8. Burnout This year any number of people in the edubloggosphere discovered that reading 1302 blogs everyday in your bloglines account is not going to cut your grass, read the latest Harry Potter novel or take your husband out to dinner. The sale of replacement delete keys soared as people hacked and slashed their RSS readers down to a reasonable 200 blogs.

I thought I was obsessed with keeping up with cool and effective learning ideas before this blog/2.0 thing started, now I am crazed. More than ever before, I ignore the cleaning, my beloved professional journals, the stack of books on my night table. Unlike the more advanced of my blogger pals, I have yet to abuse my own delete key. A resolution of ‘07?
Walt Crawford and I have been saying this all along. Good to know others are starting to follow suit.

Dave also warns about Google:
3. Google. This year we discovered that google is trying to take over my desktop. Trying to crush my desktop in fact. On last years list we predicted that the web based app was going to rule 2006, we didn’t expect them to all come from one company. Expect breakfast.google.com and ‘google university’ in 2007.
which Joyce doesn't quite see as significant
Dave, I am not as upset about this as you are. My desktop isn’t crushed. I am not married to Google, but as long as it gives me cool, useful tools and powers, we’ll keep dating. I am always open to other callers.
My concerns are ones of privacy, the algorithm Larry Page created for link ranking,and, well, privacy.

So, faithful Lazyreaders, the resolution for 2007? Less time on-line, and less time with Google. And more time for Mt. Bookpile. Same as last year.

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