That's 1000 posts. Believe it or not.


Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 21,675 15,539 12,386 3,153
Daily Average 25 18 14 4

according to my stat counter, with the last 1000 coming from 33 countries. (I know that some of the "first time" visitors are actually returns, but they've blocked cookies: I'm more impressed with the fact that there's been 21,000+ page loads. And the fact that seven of you return and return and return.) Of course, if you're reading this on an RSS feed, you're not counted but your support is appreciated just the same. Clearly, not your average blog.

In honor of this occasion(?), I've spruced up the sidebar. And, since it's holiday Gift Giving time, The Things I Want has been updated. Not for me, you understand, but in case you need inspiration in giving to others.


Anonymous said...

time flies when you're having fun....congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Whew - a lot of work and a lot of fun. Thanks, LazyGal.

Aravis said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful milestone, and many more. :0)