Having a bad book day

Very akin to a "bad hair day" because there's the same amount of prep and the same lack of control.

Today's Bad Book is "Second Wave" by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. I know, I know: shocking. Usually the McCaffrey books are sooooo good. Not this one. I suspect it's because it's a sequel, and one of those that relies rather heavily on the first to set up the situation and the characters. Guess what? Never read the first one, so reading the second left me totally lost. After about page 30, I started to get irritated. By page 50, I closed the book.

Me. A Clean-Plate Reader. For the second time in my life.

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Sherri said...

Ugh, I've despised those colaborative books Ms. McCaffrey has been doing lo these many years. Scarborough isn't so bad on her own (not great, IMHO) but...the combo is like marmelade and catsup -- ick! Also, avoid the ones McCaffrey wrote with Elizabeth Moon. The first of those was bounced off the wall.