Did I disturb you?

Things One and Two often complain that I'm a disturbing reader. It's not just the 1000+wpm. It's not just my addiction to reading (and, some might argue, books).

It's the laughing. Sometimes it's a knowing chuckle - which is not, as they've learned, a hint for them to say "hey, what's so funny". I'll share if I want, but I'm chuckling to myself. Last night, it was out and out hysterics. This isn't the first time (Dave Barry, mondegreens and Terry Pratchett are pretty much guaranteed to get me rolling, and there's plenty more). Maybe it was the late hour... or the wine. But if you were in the hotel rooms adjacent to mine, and my laughing kept you awake. I'm sorry.

But really... you try not laughing as you read this.

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