'Tis the Season

As you can probably tell from my previous post, I'm getting into the holiday swing: ghoulies and goblins and scary stories, etc.. I've been fortunate that the last two neighborhoods in which I've lived have been kid-friendly. Why? Because that means decoration friendly. All those lights and blow-up monsters and cobwebs... just wonderful.

However, like Reader_Iam, I sometimes wonder what's wrong with music programmers. The drugstore... the supermarket... Can't I even get a "Monster Mash" before I hear those bells a-jingling?!

Apparently not.

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Aravis said...

Sorry to be late on this. I thought I had commented but I guess I didn't. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I agree with you regarding Halloween and decorations! Unfortunately I live on a busy road just outside of town so I don't get any trick-or-treaters; it isn't safe. I'll be feeling jealous of you come Halloween night!

As for the Christmas music, I'm with you. My poor husband works in a store and is stuck listening to carols months ahead of time. It leaves him feeling very grouchy and bah-humbuggy. I can't blame him!