Statistics, Damn Statistics

Every so often I check my stat counter to see where people are coming from and why. I also check to see how many have learned that IE is a Bad Browser (only 30% of you seem to have done that - for the rest: Get Firefox!).

It's the "what drew you to this blog" part that gets me. I'm not surprised that people come here looking for information about a book. That thrills me. What doesn't thrill me, what worries me, are the number of people that seem to find me by typing in [title of book/author name] [study guide]. As if! I've done the research: three mentions of Those Guides by name, and a couple of posts that use the words, but not in conjunction. Sheesh.

Oddly enough, they don't seem to have returned to the blog for the sparkling wit and ranting. Don't miss any of 'em.

1 comment:

Karmon said...

I'm here for the wit, darn it. :)

I usually check your site via my RSS reader. Do you stats count that?