A Quest

For as long as I can remember, I've been on a quest for the Perfect Blueberry Muffin. I've had some that came close to perfection, but none I've been totally awed by... my quest continues.

I haven't been on a similar quest for the Perfect Pancake, but I think that last Sunday I did find it! Where? In tiny Ashfield MA. Who knew? It was in a place called Edgar's, and the recipe was from South Face Farm (where, during sugaring season, people line up for hours just to eat their pancakes!).

There's a choice at Edgar's: Stack, Shorter Stack and Minimalist Stack. I had a conversation with an 11-year-old about this - we agreed that the Minimalist Stack really wasn't a stack, since it was just the one pancake. I should probably mention that the pancakes are the size of salad plates, and about an inch thick... one is definitely enough!

And then there's the hot chocolate. When they melt the chocolate, when it's not from some powdered, pre-made mix, you know you've entered a whole new world of hot chocolate making.

This breakfast followed another wonderful meal: sushi at Bizen, in Great Barrington. Not your traditional sushi menu, but absolutely wonderful and a great find (not my find, exactly, but someone from MPOW mentioned it and since it was sort of on my way to Amherst, I just had to try it!)


Aravis said...

You were so near me! I know right where Bizen is and spend a lot of time in Great Barrington. My brother loves that restaurant, but as yet I haven't been.

If I'm ever out that way, I'll have to try the minimalist pancakes. They sound wonderful. Yum!

Murphy Jacobs said...

My older brother once had his own breakfast/lunch restaurant in Colorado. He made pancakes like that -- larger than a dinner plate and thick enough to sop up all the syrup before you even got halfway through. I never managed to eat more than one. He won't make them anymore (too many years behind the grill) but I am ongoing in my attempts to match them.

If you find that muffin, though, lemme know. I'm all about the blueberry muffins! Too many just ain't. Maybe I should get ambitious and try it on my own...but that would be like work.

Lazygal said...

Update: I just had yet another one (from "the best known bakery in New York"). Muffin was ok, but not really blueberry - if you understand the difference.