Librarianship is not for the weak

So, you're thinking that being a librarian is easy? A nice cushy job shushing people and doing "book review" all day? HA!

In the past few days I've:
  • gotten numerous paper cuts
  • had bruised toes (not from teachers refusing to collaborate or people stating that, with Google and databases, libraries aren't needed but because I've dropped heavy tomes on them... and then there was the load of picture books that jumped off the book cart to land nicely on the already hurting digits: you need steel-toed shoes for this job!)
  • strained a muscle in my right forearm from moving 50 shelves of books in 1.5 hours
That's not to mention the constant assault from Other People's Germs, or the Never-Ending Dry Hands. Or the eyelid licking I get every morning (at 3:30am, thank you) from my Older Boy.

This is not a job for the faint of heart, or the delicate of physique!