Just NOT interested

Yesterday I had what has become a relatively common occurance: I'm sitting with a colleague, we're eating and talking about this and that, and they start to ramble on about a favorite show. Now, this is usually a show I've no interest in (including - but not limited to - The X-Files, South Park, Battlestar Gallactica, Firefly and American Idol).

I've been polite, and told them that I don't watch the show (due to the whole lack-of-interest thing). I've been curt and said "didn't see the episode" or "no idea what you're talking about". I'm almost at the point of being rude and saying, "look, if I'd wanted to watch, I would have - I didn't, so please, shut up!"

It's one thing if someone uses an episode, or a character, to make a point, and gives some background. It's completely different when they give a precis of the preceeding episode, as though telling you about it is incredible important. It isn't. I don't bore you with my favorite shows (and believe me, I could!)... why can't you just Leave. Me. Alone?!

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