The End

Like any good school librarian, I read The End this weekend. It's over. Luckily.

I think kids will like this one, as they've liked the other 12 books in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Unfortunately, the series lost its charm about Book the 4th for me.

Why? Well, it just tried too hard to be clever. Here's an example: the more-than-a-page discussion of being in the dark (or being in the dark about being in the dark, or being in the dark about being in the dark about being in the dark). Trying too hard, I tell you! And Sunny's conversation was getting to be more and more an exercize in "what the ()#&$(*& is she referring to NOW????" than humor.

Let's face it, when the books increase in size and cleverness, there's clearly something going on. I think it's an author who had a good idea - perhaps even a great one - and then couldn't stick with what worked really well. Just couldn't leave it alone (much like J.K. Rowling in the latter Harry Potter books: too much, waaaay too much, because the sense is that each has to top the previous).

Luckily, The End has ended, the series is complete, and I can move on to other things.

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