Unfortunately correct

Daniel Handler comments: "I think books have always been viral. Someone reads them and they tell people about them. That’s the best way to hear about a book." (þ: Grumpy Old Bookman)

That's how I hear about many of the books I read: via viral verbiage (sorry, it's his alliterative influence). The interesting thing is that when I go to Amazon, their "recommendations" are so rarely on target that I cease to look at them - I try to stay with Powells for my on-line book shopping. Ditto Netflix. It's far more usual for me to go to an on-line store looking for a specific author/actor and find additional items from there. It's a semi-serendipity, and I much prefer that to hoping that something they recommend will fit.

It goes back to the browsing question - yes, "real" stores may have less of a selection, but I get a better sense of whether the item is really for me, or if I'll give it a pass.

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Sherri said...

I'm one of those oddballs for whom the Amazon recommendations are pretty much spot on. I've spent a lot of time going through and rating things, tho -- it's something I do when I can't sleep but don't want to read.

I get overwhelmed at bookstores. Too much sensory input, and my neck hurts from the constant tilt to read spines. Not that I don't spend hours going through bookstores, but that's where I tend to pick up books I find later I don't like so much.

In PILES. Dangerous places. Spending control is easier online.