Today is...

International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

How to and misc. information (þ: Language Log)

Pirate Cartoons:
The Lonely Pirate Cartoon

Pirate Jokes (þ: EdCompBlog):
Why are pirates called pirates?
They just aaarrrr!

What is a pirate's favourite country?

What is a pirate's favourite shop?

Where do pirate penguins live?
The Antaaarrrrtic.

What do pirates drive?
Caaarrrs (and aaarrrrticulated lorries).

What do you call a large cohort of pirates?
Avast aaarrrrmy.

How do pirates speak?
They use the venaculaaarrrr.

Where do pirates go for fun?
The aaarrrrcade.

Who is a pirate's favourite Star Wars character?
Queen Aaarrrrmidala.

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